Nanhapodha plants


“हरा घर भरा घर”

Nanhapodha, when we are thinking about our company, we thought its name is something that touches the hearts of people. Our job is to introduce people to their dream plants and give the right opinion about the plants. This is not a company but this is an emotion that will settle in the hearts of people. We give values to Nature. That’s why we called “हरा घर भरा घर” Means Where plants will be, there will be happiness, money, love, peace.

Bringing Home a Fresh Breath of Life.When it comes to connecting with nature,Plants are the best choice to lose yourself in serenity..All of us crave for greenery and fresh air and plants are the best way to materialize this desire. We at NanhaPodha understand your need and bring beautiful indoor and outdoor plants, succulents, creepers, and cactus for your home and office space. It doesn’t matter if you own a huge garden or satiate your love for nature, especially plants through a kitchen or rooftop garden.

NanhaPodha has every kind of plants for your kind of garden. From Tulsi, to Jade, Orchids, to Succulents, Exotic Roses, Crotons and much more are grown at our Nursery. We actively serve in Delhi area.

These plants are carefully grown and planted within beautiful ceramic/ plastic planters, so that your space doesn’t only bring in nature but a classy look as well. Connect with us to order your piece of green and help us lower the carbon footprint of our environment! Happy Planting and Healthy Living!

Top Selling Items NanhaPodha has a variety of plants in classy planters. Our top listed products that most customers order include Jade, Roses, Lucky Bamboo, cactus, Aloe Vera, Money Plant, Tulsi, etc.

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