Good Luck Plants

N’Joy Money Plant

250.00 199.00

Indoor Plants

Pink Aglaonema Plant

500.00 410.00

Good Luck Plants

Rubber Plant

499.00 299.00

Good Luck Plants

Shami Plant

399.00 199.00

Indoor Plants

Touch-me-not Plant

249.00 120.00

Indoor Plants

ZZ ‘Zenzi’

449.00 299.00

NASA completed a study known as the Indoor plants for purifier Study to ascertain which crops help clean the air we breathe by removing harmful toxins. Indoor plants consume Carbon Dioxide and maintain Oxygen flowing, so they purify the atmosphere by eliminating toxins, raise the warmth, help to decrease illness, maintain tension free and reduce anxiety, produce a relaxed and joyful ambiance whilst assisting you to finally work through enhanced concentration, heightened focus, enhanced creativity, increased productivity and improved general well-being. Interior plant decoration gives a nice and tranquil surroundings where you are able to work, relax and reside, but in addition, there are many health advantages that follow the aesthetically pleasing structures. A lot of men and women spend nearly all their days inside to get work, unless work is outside class, but this raises the odds of feeling oppressed and becoming Sick Building Syndrome.